Investment and Funding

Access to capital is one of the main issues entrepreneurs report when starting up new businesses.  Whether its bootstrapping, seed capital, angel investors, venture capital, grants, loans or other forms of funding your business we are here to help you navigate the challenge! 

Forming the Investor Relationship

For many angel or other investors, the relationship that is built between the entrepreneur and the investor is a critical one.  We work with investors across the region to investors to help them find innovative entrepreneurs with ideas worth investing in.  For our entrepreneurs, we help you prepare for the most important business relationship you will ever have, before working to match you with a good investor.
Happy smiling businessman handshake with business partner for successful agreement. African amercan and white men conclude profit deal with investor relationship good first impression, deal, respect
Young Chinese businessman working in office with virtual reality glasses on head. Man using VR headset for handshaking in augmented reality.

Funding Your Startup

Angel investors are not the only way to fund your startup, for many individuals bootstrapping their business is a viable option once they have validated the idea.  For others they may look at grant options, loans or even crowdfunding to get their ideas out of their head and into the world.  We can help you explore all the options and find the one that works for your business idea.

Experts Talk About Investing


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