Empowering Innovative Entrepreneurs

As a result of the acceleration of technology and trends in 2020, successful entrepreneurship now requires greater innovation abilities in entrepreneurs and small businesses. Having worked with startups and small businesses for the past decade, we understand the unique elements needed for innovation at a small scale that will help entrepreneurs prosper in the next decade.


Workshops, Incubators & Accelerator Cohorts

We run cohort based programs with different industry focuses throughout the year. From industries like CleanTech, Maritime, Agricultural Tech and more to inventors looking to license their product.  Check out our latest offerings.  

One-on-One Advising

Our one-on-one advising services are perfect for people who have an idea but aren’t sure where to start or don’t fit with one of our group programs.  Fill out our new client questionnaire today and we’ll be in touch to set up an evaluation call.

Project ReInvent

For existing businesses trying to forge a new path or reinvent what they are doing.   Learn more about it and if it’s right for you.  


Below you will see some examples and links to resources we have cultivated to help new entrepreneurs create innovative businesses as well as existing ones can learn to integrate innovation practices to build strong resilient businesses for the new economy. 

startup accelerator

TheLab Network

Building inclusive, diverse innovation ecosystems requires having a place for meeting other entrepreneurs, experts and mentors who can help your ideas grow.  The NWIRC is builidng a network of these spaces across the 5 county region called TheLab.  Find out more about them and the services you can find here.

data analytics bootcamp

Entrepreneur Knowledge Center

From subject matter expert talks on everything an entrepreneur needs to know to articles that will provide valuable knowledge to help at different stages of building a business, our EKC has resources to help you.  

Side view. Young business woman sitting at table and taking notes in notebook.On table is laptop, smartphone and cup of coffee.On computer screen graphics and charts. Student learning online. Blogger.

Jump Start Learning Modules

In addition to the in-person and virtual cohorts we offer, as part of our one-on-one advising services we have some optional pre-recorded short informational modules to help entrepreneurs learn the basics of the language of innovation and entrepreneurship.

start up accelerator event

Events, Talks, & Seminars

A diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem means we’ve had a lot of experts cover a lot of topics over our decade serving entrepreneurs.  Check out the variety of different topics we’ve covered over the years.

Modern Factory Office: Portrait of Male Project Supervisor Talking with a Female Industrial Engineer, They Point at Computer Display Showing CAD Software with 3D Engine Concept. Team Problem Solving

Exploring Technology

The future of business is linked to the technologies we use everyday.  Understanding how to navigate and integrate these innovative technologies is critical to long term success of businesses in the future.

Mature and young women colleagues sitting at desk talking about project startup ideas, sharing thoughts, solve currents issues, make research, discuss growth strategy, think how generate more revenue

Just In Time Mentorship

Over the years we have built a vast network of mentors who help the entrepreneurs we serve with their expertise at just the right time to help them power through the challenges that arise.

Past Events & Programs

Day of Innovation

Day of Innovation

In case you missed it, the North West Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) staged an unparalleled Day of Innovation and Inspiration on June 10th. A free event, this assembly ran from 8am to 4pm, transforming TheLab@arlington at 404 N Olympic Ave, Arlington WA, into a...

NWIRC Sustainability Challenge 2014 Results

NWIRC Sustainability Challenge 2014 Results

https://youtu.be/hQR_ataV0Ww On May 16th, 2014 the NW Innovation Resource Center hosted the first annual NW Sustainability Challenge. It is a program that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial students to take action on ideas they have and...

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