Building Data Analytics Expertise

Data is generated in today’s digitally connected world at an ever-increasing rate. Mining that data for useful information is like mining for gold, because it allows businesses to make precise data-driven decisions that maximize profit.

Move your company into a path for greater growth and profitability by adding data-based information to your decision making process. Check out the NWIRC Data Workshop for Business to find out how to take advantage of the great asset you have with your company’s data, or fast track to a career in Data Analytics with the Washington Data BootcampTM.

NWIRC Data Workshop

Data Analytics uses various techniques to organize and translate business data into information for concrete action plans that can mean the difference between market dominance and falling behind the competition. It gives context and interpretation of data that provides a way for a business leader to move beyond intuition to make more data-informed business decisions and drive strategic advantage.

The Data Workshop led by NWIRC provides business leaders the opportunity to learn these skills and to utilize their data for strategic decisions, cost containment, competitive direction and much more.  The opportunity to have support working through an initial business problem is a part of the Workshop.

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“I’m so glad I decided to participate in the Data Workshop for Business offered through the NW Innovation Resource Center! As an HR professional who came to the field with a non-traditional background and little experience with managing or analyzing people analytics, this workshop really opened my eyes to the ways data can positively impact our company culture. It really opened my mind to the possibilities of how we can tell stories with data so that it’s both meaningful and actionable. I’m very excited to bring what I’ve learned and my new perspective to other areas of our company and am already seeing a shift in how we are collaborating as a leadership team to improve our data and its ability to guide sound decision making.”

Linda Abrahamsen
Employee Experience Manager

data analytics bootcamp

Washington Data BootcampTM

Learn the skills to enter a highly desired career path or add to your skill set as a Data Analyst with this accessible 20 week Bootcamp. The Washington Data BootcampTM is taught by a team of Data Professionals led by Dr. Nella Ludlow, President of Quanta Logica. Dr. Ludlow is professor at two national universities, teaching Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. She also has a successful history of working in data analytics, as well as her successful entrepreneurial career. The Bootcamp will take a “business-focus” rather than a “technology-focus” approach to provide valuable insights for your ability to quickly contribute to the success of a business.

The Bootcamp is designed to be widely accessible to individuals seeking to have a skill that is in very high demand or to advance their current career.

Click here for more information or to learn about applying!

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