Exploring Innovative Technologies

The digital technologies that are transforming how we live and work in the 21st century can be challenging for businesses to figure out how to integrate.  However, for businesses to survive and thrive in the coming decade it is critical to learn how to utilize these technologies to create an innovative and diverse economy with built in resiliency.  

Technology Transformations

From learning how to utilize data analysis tools to improve workflows, inventory tracking or employee retention to artificial intelligence to enhance machine productivity, the NWIRC is working with experts in these technologies to bring them to business in NW Washington.  Not every technology is necessary for each business, the NWIRC and their experts are equipped to help you understand which technologies and how to apply them.

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Data Collection – Data Analysis – Data Visualization.

Businesses have been collecting data for years, from loyalty programs, point of sales systems, online purchases, social media and more.  One of the first great opportunities for businesses is to start analyzing and visualizing what that data means for their business.

Real Time Data Collection/Analysis for Agriculture

David Wallace created Coda Farms Technologies to monitor water usage on irrigation equipment on his families farm in Skagit Valley.  Today their technology is helping famers around the country collect and analyze their water usage to save money by preventing damage to crops or equipment.

Using IoT to see with data what can’t be seen

Apana is a whatcom county based business focused on helping companies manage their water losses through the use of IoT monitoring devices.  The company was started by Matt Rosein order to mitigate the water losses in the built environment.  Today they help countries around the world use technology to collect and analyze how to stop water waste and save money.

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