Building Innovative Communities

Creating a diverse, inclusive innovation ecosystem is our goal in building communities that respond to the needs of the businesses and entrepreneurs who live here.  As innovation connectors, we help entrepreneurs in the region of NW Washington gain access to the resources needed to help build new businesses and diversify the economy of the region.

Innovative communities create diverse, inclusive economies

NW Washington thrives when innovation capacity is expanded and entrepreneurs are given the latitude to create, build and grow their ideas into something more.  We support these entrepreneurs by helping them develop lean strategies, provide expert mentorship, and creative spaces to help them from idea through execution and launch of these businesses that will build a more inclusive, diverse economy in our region.

Strengthening the economy of our region includes supporting individuals who are willing to take their ideas and visions for new enterprises and take the leap to entrepreneurship. In addition to finding access to physical infrastructure like high-speed internet, incubator programs and space for building new businesses, entrepreneurs in this region will also find a network of community mentors, local government support and educational institutions that produce high quality talent.

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Our Region

NW Washington

NW Washington is home to a diverse set of industries.  From maritime to agriculture, technology and manufacturing, the industries we find here amongst the beauty of Western Washington create a unique opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses.   Our work is focused on helping entrepreneurs from Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, Island and Snohomish counties to find the resources and support they need to build their businesses here. 

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NW Innovation Lab

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The NW Innovation Lab or “TheLab” is the newest addition to the NWIRC’s expanding set of resources that will help to build a stronger entrepreneurial community in a dynamic environment where entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators access resources and support that are essential for transforming ideas into successful businesses. 


Lab at Arlington


Lab at Everett

Just-in-Time Mentorship™

Mentorship is an important part of any entrepreneurs journey.  We know mentorship isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, entrepreneurs have different needs for expertise at different growth stages of their business.  Our approach, Just-in-Time Mentorship™  is designed to match subject matter experts with entrepreneurs and inventors to fulfill those specific needed skill sets at the crucial time they need it in their business development.   

We know that business experts as mentors ultimately provide advice from a broader understanding of the whole business so that entrepreneurs can focus on their passion and specialties, while benefiting from the guidance and experience of seasoned business leaders. Our exclusive Just-in-Time Mentorship™ method shows how greater specific knowledge improves the chances for entrepreneurs to succeed and allows mentors who work with us to utilize their skills and time more effectively. 

Investment and Funding

Access to capital is one of the main issues entrepreneurs report when starting up new businesses.  Whether its bootstrapping, seed capital, angel investors, venture capital, grants, loans or other forms of funding your business we are here to help you navigate the challenge!


Funding your idea

Bootstrapping, Crowdfunding, Grants, Loans and more options. 


Investor Relationships

From Seed to Angel Investing  and beyond building the relationship comes first. 

Slingshot NW

Slingshot is a resource that the NWIRC works with that helps helps inventors and entrepreneurs from the Pacific Northwest launch their products into the global marketplace.  The NWIRC has programs like BuildIt to help inventors understand their options in getting a product to market, and one of those options for market ready products is Slingshot, who is focused on simplifying the process of getting products into the hands of customers.  

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