Just-in-Time Mentorship™

Matching subject matter experts with entrepreneurs and inventors at an optimal time in their business development.

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How It Works

We understand that starting a business or developing a product is hard work and often times when your new at it you do not know what to do expect in the process. Our Just-in-Time Mentorship™ method is designed to match subject matter experts with entrepreneurs and inventors to fulfill a specific needed skill set at the crucial time they need it in their business development.

 By utilizing business experts as mentors who provide advice from a broader understanding of the whole business, entrepreneurs and inventors can focus on their passion and specialties, while benefiting from the guidance and experience of seasoned business leaders. Our exclusive Just-in-Time Mentorship™ method shows how greater specific knowledge improves the chances for entrepreneurs to succeed and allows mentors who work with us to utilize their skills and time more effectively.

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Increased Revenue

According to MircroMentor.org, people that received mentoring saw their revenue increase by 106%, while people who did not receive mentoring saw their revenue increase by only 14%

Longer Lasting

According to the US Small Business Administration survey, small businesses that had some type of mentoring survived more than five years 70% of the time.

Better Launch

49% of business that received mentorship before pre-launch were able to launch their business and 82% survived one to two years (13% higher than national average.)

Secret to Success

According to a Sage survey that asked 11,000 small businesses in 17 countries, 93% small and medium businesses said mentorships helped them succeed.

Everyone Benefits


  • Industry-specific mentoring for each phase of development to solve the challenges of starting their business.
  • Access to resources from partnering businesses including educational opportunities, government and service organizations.
  • Opportunities to work in collaborative relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and businesses.
  • Assistance in the identification of funding and preparation of materials, if required.
  • Mentorship from experienced professionals who have started businesses and have navigated their way to


  • Providing a crucial resource for early stage entrepreneurs at a time when the right information is critical to the potential long-term success.
  • Actively participating in building and shaping how the entrepreneurial region of NW Washington develops.
  • Connecting with other seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders in the NW Washington region.
  • Seeing your own business grow through events and networking, sharing your own skills and learning from other businesses.
  • Insights into the industry trends and future development of the economy of NW Washington through the latest start-up businesses.

“They were great for feedback on marketability and manufacturing aspects of my product.  The meeting gave me great information on helping me decide on whether I wanted to manufacture and distribute or pursue licensing of my product.”

Mark Ostheller

“The opportunity to connect the right mentor with the right entrepreneur or inventor. The NWIRC has a great resource bank of mentors with hundreds of years of experience (aggregated) behind them.  And these are individuals who truly care about the communities they serve.”

Debbie Ahi

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