Washington Data Bootcamp to provide opportunity for highly competitive career opportunities in Snohomish County.

Feb 9, 2022 | NWIRC News

The NW Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC), Quanta Logica (QL), Workforce Snohomish (WFS), and Washington State University (WSU) Everett have signed agreements to collaborate on an education program that will provide career opportunities in the field of
data analytics.

The parties intend to launch a Data Analytics Bootcamp which they anticipate will provide easier access to the education required to work within this well paid, high-demand career. Data Analysts have the skills to mine volumes of data to expose information that can be utilized for strategic business decisions based upon facts.

“By investing in the development of the data analytics bootcamp, we are seeking to accelerate innovation in educational pathways that encompass meaningful skill development and work-based learning”, said Joy Emory, CEO of Workforce Snohomish. “We applaud the vision, collaboration and commitment to equity by the NW Innovation Resource Center, Dr. Nella Ludlow and WSU Everett in the development of these innovative programs that marry investments in small business resiliency with opportunities for individuals seeking to enter high-demand, family sustaining occupations.”

With funding provided by Workforce Snohomish, NWIRC will work with Nella Ludlow, Ph.D. , President of Quanta Logica to develop the curriculum for this 24-week Data Analytics Bootcamp. Dr. Ludlow will conduct the bootcamp which will include work experience in support of small-businesses current issues. “We believe that the accessibility of the bootcamp for a wide range of individuals provides a practical entry point to a career in this exciting field,” said Dr Ludlow. “With the focus on the business application, those completing the bootcamp will be able to add value to a business quickly.” 

NWIRC is conducting a companion Data Analytics Workshop for small to medium-sized businesses that want to gain a better understanding of how to more effectively utilize their data for their company growth and success. “Small businesses have struggled to remain viable during the economic impact of COVID,” stated Diane Kamionka, Executive Director, NWIRC. “We received very positive results from a previous workshop we conducted during the spring for small business leaders to help them explore options to gain meaningful information from their data.” 

Dave Somers, County Executive Snohomish County noted “We applaud this innovative collaboration to support the recovery and resilience of Snohomish County workers and small businesses. Innovation, partnerships and our highly skilled workforce are the foundation to our competitiveness and the prosperity of our residents.”

To learn more about the Bootcamp and Workshop opportunities visit: https://nwirc.com/exploring-innovative-technologies/data-analytics/

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