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Figuring out where to start is sometimes the hardest part.  Our Resources section has links to articles, downloadable help sheets and other information to help you take those first steps.  Dig through the information, start reading and get your research started.  You will also find a link below to our Get Started Guide.  Once you are ready, contact us and we’ll help you with the next steps!

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Artisan dog products

By:  Lara Merriam-Smith Name of inventor/product developer: Kellie and Katya Szirom Product: Artisan dog products. Hometown: Bellingham How to buy: Bellingham Whole Foods Market, Hohl Feed & Seed, Whatcom Farmers Co-ops, our website. Contact information:...

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This monthly series is designed to introduce you to people right here in Whatcom County that invented products that solve everyday problems. Invention is a process accessible to anyone with an idea and we need people with great ideas to solve big and small problems....

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The Shark Tank Effect on Entrepreneurship

Whether you love it or hate, television shows like Shark Tank, The Profit and others have been fueling the imagination of entrepreneurs world-wide to pitch their ideas to experts in exchange for the opportunity to build their business. Pitching an idea is something...

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The global challenge of sustainability.

This month Western Washington University hosted the WA Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WAHESC), which focused on how educational institutions can create sustainable practices.  The topics covered a broad range from sharing best practices in teaching...

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Trends in Philanthropy – the rise of Impact Giving

The first few years of Generation X are turning 50 and a shift in leadership is occurring, now seems like a good time to consider what the coming transition of wealth from an older to younger generation means for philanthropy and Whatcom County. In a study released...

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The State of Entrepreneurship in Whatcom County.

Assessing the health of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is an important yet challenging undertaking. Point of view tempers the answer, not only because varying definitions of “entrepreneur” exists, but also who qualifies as an “entrepreneur.” For example, is a start-up...

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School Programs Benefit Startup Entrepreneurs

One of the most overlooked resources available to new start-up entrepreneurs are the local colleges and universities. Many new start-up entrepreneurs know that student internships are available but don’t think as an individual just getting started with a business idea...

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NWIRC Inventor Insights

October 5, 2016

Social Media Strategies with Cheriss Faiola

November 2, 2016

Financial Strategies for Startups with Guy Seaton

June 7, 2017

Building an Industry:  Sales and Marketing Techniques