Investment Bootcamp for College Entrepreneurs

College Prep for Entrepreneurial Success

Investment capital is a necessity for most startups.
Do you know where and how to seek funding?
Do you have the skills to gain investor confidence?

It was great that so many of you provided feedback about the bootcamp. You were interested in learning about acquiring capital, but the requirements to participate were prohibitive for you. Here are the most frequent comments:

You wanted to learn about investment options for startups, but did not have a business plan.

You believed that learning more about how to structure and deliver a presentation requesting funding would be beneficial in your career – whether it was to start your own company or as an employee or consultant.

As faculty, you believed that more in-depth understanding of entrepreneur’s capital acquisition was important for future student interests.

So we have adjusted the bootcamp next step to meet your interests. See the details below in the When & Where Section.




College students and faculty in the 5-county area of NW Washington: Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, Island, & Snohomish, who are interested to learn about acquiring startup investment capital or making funding requests. High school students from these counties who are in the Running Start Program are also welcome.


Investment capital is a necessity for most startup business. College students who leave school with a business plan AND the skills to seek investment capital are much more likely to succeed.  Regardless, the knowledge you will gain will benefit you as an employee, business partner or for your own investing knowledge.

Also…it’ll be fun!


Students will be given the opportunity to meet with mentors from the business community to discuss options for available capital, how to gain funding, presentation tips, and the opportunity to interact with investors.

Meet local entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their business endeavors.
Learn more about seeking funding for your business or project.
Talk through your business ideas with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors.

When & Where?

The bootcamp is a four hour session providing information and offering opportunity for you to listen and learn or participate to a great level – your choice.

When: May 12, 2018 10am – 2pm
Where: Whatcom Community College, Heiner Hall


  • Learning the business financial life cycle
  • What makes an investable company?
  • The investment process
  • The Art of the Pitch
  • Breakout with mentors/investors

Follow up opportunities will be offered if you have a startup you are considering.

Great! I’m in! What’s next?

Just submit the application form below, and someone from the NWIRC will be in touch shortly to pair you with a mentor from the business community.

Investment Bootcamp for College Entrepreneurs
Application Form

Deadline: May 4, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members are needed to make a team?
A team can be anywhere from 1-10 people
Can a faculty member be part of the team?
Can I get extra credit for attending?
It is our understanding that some faculty are planning to offer that. We suggest that you ask your class faculty member to determine the answer for you.
Will we be competing with other teams?
No. This event is purely for the sake of gaining professional experience and polishing your presentation skills. There is no competition or cash reward.   The experience and chance to network with investors is a great value.
Is there a cost to participate?


Will there be food served?

A light lunch and drinks will be provided.