Enterprise Program

Starting a business requires strategic thinking amidst the chaos of information. The NWIRC Enterprise program is designed to help entrepreneurs who have unique business models or highly scalable businesses develop their idea.

The Enterprise Program is perfect for:

  • Inventors who want to start manufacturing their product
  • Someone who already has a product on the market but doesn’t know what to do next
  • Entrepreneurs who have an unusual business model
  • Folks who took the first step but are lost about what to do next

Start-up Stories

Whidbey Island Natural

In our island workshop, we infuse nature's nourishing plant oils with healing and fragrant essential oils to create luxurious, organic, soaps, lotions and potions. Family-owned and operated, Whidbey Island Natural uses the best oils and botanical ingredients to...


Legoe Bay Shellfish encapsulates the spirit of environmentalism, community engagement, and the culinary arts.

Brio Laundry

Brio Laundry is not your typical laundromat – everything was built to create an experience that was anything but ordinary.


The Shark Tank Effect on Entrepreneurship

Whether you love it or hate, television shows like Shark Tank, The Profit and others have been fueling the imagination of entrepreneurs world-wide to pitch their ideas to experts in exchange for the opportunity to build their business. Pitching an idea is something...

Get Started Guide

Figuring out where to start is sometimes the hardest part. Our Resources section has links to articles, downloadable help sheets and other information to help you take those first steps. Dig through the information, start reading and get your research started. You will also find a link below to our Get Started Guide. Once you are ready, contact us and we’ll help you with the next steps!

Getting Started on the Highway to Revenue