Procreate Brands

Dec 7, 2016 | Build It Mentors, Innovative Businesses

Inventor: Scott Baumann

Company: Procreate Brands

Location: Ferndale, WA

Where to buy: see list below available at retailers everywhere.


Procreate brands is an innovative consumer product design, brand development and intellectually property

company with over 40 worldwide licensed products responsible for producing more than $30 million in gross retail

sales. Scott Baumann is a self-proclaimed Inventrepreneur who is a multiple award winning product designer and

licensing evangelist.


You have invented and licensed a lot of products over the years, why do you think licensing is the best option?

“Licensing has been the best option for me and I would guess that licensing in most cases is the best option for others. I

am much more of a creative – a real idea guy rather than a true businessman. Licensing allows me to remain a creative

and let others who have the know-how and resources to do all the heavy lifting. The minute you decide to do the whole

business venture with your idea you are no longer an inventor- you are a businessman.”


How do you come up with so many ideas and what makes you decide which ideas to move forward?

“I am very fortunate that the ideas just come, it has been that way all my life and I am sure that many other

creative/creator types out there are the same. The difference for me now is having the understanding of what tends to

resonate with consumers, something that comes with a lot of experience and time in the trenches. I will say, I do think it

is important to give your ideas time to breath. A strong ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment can be intoxicating – no doubt it is a great

feeling – but can be dangerous if you act too quickly. Let your ideas sit for a bit, the good ones have a way of rising to the

top over time.”


What does it typically take in terms of time and/or money to get the idea to a point of being ready to licensed?

“Unfortunately there is no typical. Some ideas take years, cost tens of thousands of dollars and never come to fruition.

Then we have had others where a quick photorealistic rendering was enough to get a licensing deal with product on the

shelf in under a year.  Generally we have found it takes about 2 years from conception to proliferation.”


What have been your biggest challenges in getting products licensed?

“The ability to move from idea to idea to idea and from rejection to rejection while remaining positive and resolute in

your pursuit is challenging. For me the key has been to have more than a few concepts on the table at any one time so

that no one concept carries all the emotional burden or potential upside.”


What advice would you give to inventors who have ideas they want to license?

“Understand that this is not a get rich quick undertaking. We’ve all heard the stories about it happening, but that has

not been my experience. Licensing is simple in concept but often complex in practice. Find a mentor who can help you

avoid many of the pitfalls and warning signs.  Also, don’t fall in love with your idea. Your idea is NOT your baby, when I

hear people say this I run. Would you ever license your baby to some company you barely know!? Be passionate about

your ideas, but save the love for your family and friends.”


What are the current products you have on the market or coming soon?

“I have been fortunate to establish some formidable relationships with some special people who run reputable and

highly capable businesses. This is key in turning pro as an Inventrepreneur — it is all about the relationships you form

along your journey. For my toy line it started with licensing Chalktrail™ to Fat Brain Toys and 5 short years later the list

now includes a series of Squigz™products, TeeterPopper™, Pop’emz!™ and soon we will be releasing Tobbly Wobbly™

and our first board game Stick Six™. I’ve also been fortunate to have two DRTV releases, the Gripgo™ and Gadget



*This piece originally appeared in the Bellingham Herald.

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