Smart Asthma Inhaler

Pietro Paparella and Pierre Mourad submitted an idea for a smart asthma inhaler. They join us to talk about progress on their ideas 6 months after the competition ended.

Description of the Idea: Aerosolized rescue asthma inhalers consist of a canister (which contains the medicine) and a plastic actuator. The canister or the actuator has a counter so that patients can keep track of how many actuations are left. The idea is to develop a “smart” actuator with a Bluetooth-enabled counter that links to a smartphone application. The intent is to re-use the actuator and only receive a canister upon refill (this would reduce plastic waste as the canister and actuator are discarded upon use). The cellphone application will track usage, which is important for asthmatics and their medical providers; remind patients when their canister is low; order prescription refills; and use data from the National Weather Service to correlate usage with air quality, pollen counts, precipitation, etc.

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