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“TheLab” provides a network of technical resources and collaboration to build a tech savvy community for the growing digital economy of Northwest Washington.

NWIRC is expanding its resources by establishing the NW Innovation Lab. With the addition of the NW Innovation Lab, the NWIRC will provide assistance to entrepreneurs throughout the Region and, for those who wish, provide a home to foster innovators and startups as they explore and launch their ideas into reality. The regional network includes TheLab@everett with the initial expanded sites located at TheLab@arlington and TheLab@swiftcenter (Skagit County).

Fast Track to Innovation

TheLab@everett provides access to critical resources for entrepreneurs to fast track their initiatives and startups. Members of TheLab have the advantage of accessing mentoring services as well as these valuable tools for tomorrow’s data driven technology and product development, creating fast results.

TheLab provides the opportunity for innovators to partner with industry leaders to explore solutions and validate ideas.

“For innovation to flourish, it needs creativity, passion, and room to move; all of these are alive and thriving in Everett.”

Brian Mariotti
CEO, Funko

The Lab at Everett – Design

  1. The Think Tank
    Co-working Space
    Space for entrepreneurs to work, network and learn the latest. Bring collaboration to life with flexible drop in options or the added benefit of reservable workspace.
  2. The Frontier
    Private Incubator Offices
    Private, secure workspace for emerging startups ready to have space to call their own with the benefit of innovative surroundings and services.
  3. The Workshop
    Design Thinking Space
    A unique combination of an innovation lab and experience center designed for innovation, change, and flexibility. A space to think, do, learn, co-create and design smart solutions. Furnished with all the materials you will need and optional facilitation available.
  4. The Garden Commons
    A Place to Connect
    The hub for collaboration, networking, informal problem solving or a myriad of options for all members of TheLab.
  5. SnoCoMakers@TheLab
    Use 3D printers and other equipment to create your prototype with equipment and support from SnoCoMakers@TheLab.
  6. NWIRC Services
    NWIRC assists entrepreneurs and inventors from idea to success with individual strategy development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NW Innovation Lab?
Visit TheLab website to learn more.
Are the NWIRC and TheLab the same thing?
Read our story here.
Will I still be able to use NWIRC resources without joining TheLab?
Yes. While, current clients of the NWIRC are welcome to join TheLab, they can still utilize all the NWIRC’s other resources from wherever they work. Read more here.
Where is TheLab located?
The first location will be TheLab@everett right next to Everett Community College. There are currently plans in the works for TheLab@arlington and TheLab@swiftcenter in Skagit County with the possibility to add to the list in the future. Read about our locations.
I work remotely. Can I use TheLab as a co-working space?
TheLab is a great place for inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups interested in developing highly innovative ideas. If this doesn’t sound like you, or you are working remotely for a larger company, we recommend you consider one of several more traditional co-working spaces in the area. Check out the membership options here.
I have an innovative idea, but I'm not exactly sure how to make it happen or if I really want to start a business. Is TheLab for me?
Yes! TheLab is dedicated to supporting innovators at all stages – from ideation to business formation. If you have a great idea, but aren’t interested in running your own business, we can connect you with potential partners or walk you through the patent and product licensing processes if that’s the direction for you. Learn more here.
What makes TheLab different? Why should I become a member when I can work from home?
TheLab will provide a unique opportunity to work alongside of and even partner with other like-minded innovators, industry experts, and business leaders – who are all based in NW Washington. TheLab community fosters an exciting energy that’s bigger than the sum of its’ parts, accelerating the innovation process through collaboration. Learn more here.
What resources will TheLab offer?
Each location will provide slightly different offerings. TheLab@everett, which is our first location, will have a co-working space, meeting rooms, a design thinking lab, a maker space with prototyping tools, offices to rent and access to the latest technologies. For more details, visit TheLab page or fill out an interest form and we’ll reach out to you.
I'm working on a highly innovative project for a large company and we're looking for outside input. Can I connect with TheLab?
TheLab is the ideal hub of innovation and regional collaborationThe Workshop’s design thinking process is a great resource which can be utilized by established businesses in the area.   Innovators associated with TheLab can be included in the process if so desired. Learn more here.
I'm looking for funding for my startup, can TheLab help me?
Resources at TheLab do not include an investment fund.  The assistance provided by NWIRC, may result in introductions to investment funding resources. Learn more here.
Does TheLab offer internships?
Yes. If you’re interested in an internship at TheLab or the NWIRC, learn more here.
This sounds like it might be a good fit for me. How can I get more information?
If you’d like to learn more about TheLab and whether it’s the right fit for you, fill out the interest form and someone will reach out to you.Learn more here.

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