New Tech Talk: Edge Computing

Apr 21, 2021 | Tech Talks

(From March 2021) This talk is the second in our series in 2021 about new technologies to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups be competitive for the next economy.

Rex St. John is Head of EGX Developer Relations and has built global Edge AI ecosystem programs at Intel, Arm and now NVIDIA. He will share his key, actionable insights about how the rapidly evolving Cloud-Native landscape is transforming into something new: Edge-Native. He will share 5 key insights based on interviewing more than 200+ CTOs, Systems Integrators and developers building real solutions in the field to help you plan for and shape your Edge and Edge AI strategy. If you are curious about Edge Computing, a Developer, Tinkerer, Sales Person, Technical Evangelist, FAE or Solutions Architect – You will find something new and compelling to learn that you can put to use immediately. Rex St. John has spent his career as a Software Engineer, Technical Evangelist, Team Leader and Ecosystem Manager constructing global developer programs at the world’s leading semiconductor giants: Intel, Arm and now NVIDIA. Having been a technical evangelist and product manager at Intel’s New Technology Group, Rex has gained extensive personal knowledge in the field of robotics, industrial IoT, IoT, autonomous vehicles, perceptual computing, TinyML, silicon, semiconductor trends and ecosystem leadership for advanced hardware technologies. In his free time, Rex volunteers his experience to train developers in emerging markets on how to better advertise their skills in order to attract customers and get jobs. He lives in Seattle with his wife, two children and two cats.

Rex St. John on Linked In:

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner new to edge computing here are some insightful articles to give you a little background:

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