Innovation Insights – Adaptive Technology

For this first talk Lara Merriam-Smith, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services for NWIRC, will speak with Jodie Ryan, a Sr. Manager, Threat Operations at Verizon Media.

Her teams of Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts and countermeasures Engineers produce threat advisories to Cyber Defense executives and business owners to lead intelligence-driven mitigation efforts across all Verizon Media properties such as Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Small Business, Fantasy Football. In addition to her current experiences, this conversation will also focus on her expertise in the development and use of Adaptive technologies to improve access to technology. We hope to highlight how innovation in this area plays a key role in advancing these technologies and further developing access for individuals as the economy begins to recover.

There will be time at the end of the conversation for Q&A. You can see more of Jodie’s experience here: Innovation Insights will be a series of 8 talks with subject matter experts designed to spark your creative genius to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

This series will run through June and July 2020 to help individuals who are hoping to submit ideas for the Amazon Catalyst Competition for NW Washington.

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