Dates Needed


Estimated Time Needed

Initially 1-2 hours, with possible 1-2 hour follow up.  

Mentorship Skills Needed

Technology, Local Business that sells online (or is looking too)

Client’s Location

Whatcom County

Client’s Industry


Client’s Business & Needs

This client is looking for insights into starting a new business that helps local businesses deliver products in a competitive manner to Amazon. His description of this business: “With the creation of smartphones and the growth of the Internet it is no secret that e-commerce is here to stay.  For small businesses it’s the equivalent of being a small fish in vast ocean.  The Most Local Market seeks to help them navigate that ocean by connecting them to a network where customers can easily find them, shop at them online and have goods delivered same-day.  This network will exist via Smartphone App and Website.”

If you are interested and available to fulfill this request for mentorship please contact NWIRCs Project Manager:  Lara Merriam-Smith at 360-255-7870 or email or fill out the form below. Please note that due to the confidential nature of many of our clients, we ask mentors to sign a one page mentorship agreement that contains a confidentiality clause.

YES!  I am interested in helping mentor this entrepreneur in need.  Please contact me for more information about this mentorship opportunity.

This doesn’t look quite right for me, but I know someone who might be a good fit.

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