Bellingham, WA –May 31, 2016 – NW Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) has established Slingshot-NW, Inc (Slingshot) to assist inventors bring their products to the market. The NWIRC is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs and inventors in northwest Washington. As part of its Buildit Program, it has assisted dozens of inventors get their products ready for the marketplace.

“Our experience during the previous four years has shown us that the primary barrier for an inventor’s success is dealing with the business elements of establishing and supporting the market for his/her product,” said Diane Kamionka, Executive Director, NW Innovation Resource Center. “We established Slingshot as an option for the inventors so they can concentrate on inventing and have Slingshot deal with the business side of marketing the product.”

NWIRC will continue its work with assisting inventors through their Buildit Program. When the inventor’s product is ready, they can opt to ask Slingshot to launch the product into the appropriate marketplace. Slingshot will serve as a stepping stone to maximizing the economic impact for the inventors. Depending on the particular product, the market vehicle could be through e-commerce channels or through sub-licensing the product to third parties.

Bryan Brown, an entrepreneur who lives in Bellingham, has been hired as the CEO of Slingshot. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to fill the role of CEO of Slingshot,” said Brown.   “I have spoken to several of the inventors and understand their passion for getting their products to the people who would benefit from them. I look forward to creating a path with Slingshot to give their products life.”

If you have an idea or product and could use assistance moving forward, NWIRC would be happy to help. Contact them at