Ready to Assemble Beverage Totes

The idea came when we were heading to a friend’s birthday dinner and had stopped by the market to buy a selection of different beers, essentially building a unique six-pack. But a bag full of beer bottles as a gift just doesn’t cut it, nor does a branded cardboard carrier (especially when it’s not even the type of beer inside). I wanted something that would actually be part of the gift, and remain long after the beer was gone. Kind of like a “gift that would keep on giving”.  We played around with the idea and came up with a “tote” that doesn’t require any nails or glue. The pieces slip together without the need for glue or nails, which is unique. It’s collapsible, which is great for display and shipping. And it’s fun: It goes together like a puzzle, except you won’t get stumped.  The NWIRC has worked with Mary and Tom to help them formulate a strategy to help grow their business.

wooden tote box with coffee and plants