BuildIt Program

Developing an idea to take to market is not a linear journey. The BuildIt program’s goal is to help evaluate your idea and then work with you to create a customized road map to plot your path to success.

Taking a product to market involves staying connected to multiple parts of the process, sometimes simultaneously. As shown in the “Highway to Revenue” illustration, traveling through marketing, customer focus, finance, operations, and manufacturing can seem overwhelming, but we’ll guide you through each step, clarifying what’s next for you.

The Buildit Program is perfect for:

  • Inventors with a product
  • Folks who have an idea for a product but don’t know what to do with it
  • Maker Movement people that create things they need and think someone else may want one too
  • Someone with lots of ideas, that needs help figuring out which one is good
  • People who have a product on the market already but want to license it

Start-up Stories

Flipout Screwdriver

A screwdriver for difficult-to-reach spaces.

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M.T. Totes

Ready to Assemble Beverage Totes The idea came when we were heading to a friend's birthday dinner and had stopped by the market to buy a selection of different beers, essentially building a unique six-pack. But a bag full of beer bottles as a gift...
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Innovative EarBud Protector Budley is an innovative earbud case - fast and easy storage, retrieval and protection of your earbuds. No more damaged or tangled earbuds! Toss Budley into your backpack, purse or gym bag without concern for scratching...
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The Bedpak – making travel easier for families.

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Rescue Ride Systems

A tool that allows firefighters to rescue each other easily, resulting in fewer firefighter deaths.

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Artisan dog products

Name of inventor/product developer: Kellie and Katya Szirom Product: Artisan dog products. Hometown: Bellingham How to buy: Bellingham Whole Foods Market, Hohl Feed & Seed, Whatcom Farmers Co-ops, our website. Contact information:  ...


This monthly series is designed to introduce you to people right here in Whatcom County that invented products that solve everyday problems. Invention is a process accessible to anyone with an idea and we need people with great ideas to solve big and small problems....

Get Started Guide

Figuring out where to start is sometimes the hardest part. Our Resources section has links to articles, downloadable help sheets and other information to help you take those first steps. Dig through the information, start reading and get your research started. You will also find a link below to our Get Started Guide. Once you are ready, contact us and we’ll help you with the next steps!

Getting Started on the Highway to Revenue


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