The NWIRC is a strategic partner for innovators – entrepreneurs and inventors – to help bring their ideas to life. We assist by building a customized strategy for success through an expert business toolkit, access to an exclusive Just-In-Time Mentorship™ program and an expansive community of local resources.

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Whether you are an inventor or entrepreneur, NWIRC helps you evaluate the idea, identify your needs and create a customized road map for success.


Every business needs a roadmap to help navigate the pitfalls. Using years of entrepreneurial expertise, we build customized strategies to meet the individual needs of your business.


Every business needs a toolkit to keep the business moving forward. We have an experienced toolkit full of business expertise and know-how to keep you on track.


Every business needs others people, whether they are mentors or customers. Our exclusive Just-In-Time mentorship program will connect you to an expansive community of local people who can help.

They really put so much effort into helping an entrepreneur achieve their goals. The fact that they provide so many services without any cost to the client is invaluable!!!!!

~Claudia Hall

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