The NWIRC is a strategic partner for entrepreneurs and inventors to help bring their ideas to life. We assist by building a customized strategy for success through an expert business toolkit, access to an exclusive Just-In-Time mentorship program and an expansive community of local resources.

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Whether you are an inventor or entrepreneur, NWIRC helps you evaluate the idea, identify your needs and create a customized road map for success.


Every business needs a roadmap to help navigate the pitfalls. Using years of entrepreneurial expertise, we build customized strategies to meet the individual needs of your business.


Every business needs a toolkit to keep the business moving forward. We have an experienced toolkit full of business expertise and know-how to keep you on track.


Every business needs others people, whether they are mentors or customers. Our exclusive Just-In-Time mentorship program will connect you to an expansive community of local people who can help.

I would recommend NWIRC to other entrepreneurs looking to start a business - they really helped me stay on focus about what comes next in the process of building my business.

~ Rebecca Miller

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